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Photographer Chris on location shootWhen you come to A True Likeness Studio you might think you are going into the woods. A place away from the rest of the world. All portraits, all photographs are a place away from the flow of time. The formal portrait in the studio after a couple of hours of preparation, the hundreds of pictures taken at the wedding from several cameras or a brief moment in time that one is lucky enough to catch in the look of a loved ones face. these moments made longer lasting, become iconic in our lives. They are a place away reserved for us to revisit.

The portrait experience should be just that, a moment away the speed of time. The opportunity to relax and capture a moment for future time. A moment that we can pass along to our children and our friends. It is a moment you make. I am here to help you shape that moment.

At the studio we can go outside or in or I can go to a location you chose. I can help you keep the hundreds moments that make a wedding day. All the great moments in our lives are celebrated. The eminent arrival of a new family member, the new born. Our family at this time in our lives. The time we call our senior year in high school. My job is to help you make these moments statements of you lives. Moments that show your true likeness.

photographer bio

mE_01I began to photograph while in high school. I photographed people I knew and I processed my film and made my prints in the extra bathroom I took to the craft fairly quickly. In collage I earned three degrees in the field of photography. a B.F.A, M.S. and M.F.A. I made photographs and as important, I looked at photographs. Art and photo history were important parts of my education. After college I worked in a commercial printing lab for several years.

I started A True Likeness in 2003. The photographic portrait is a thing beauty and when done well is a moment of revelation. I want to know about each person I photograph. I want to know what is the picture they have in mind. Some have a well defined idea most do not. I learn from my clients, as the session progress I learn more and I translate what I learn into a portrait that captures that person’s personality, quirks, essence.

The successful portrait captures the true likeness of each person. That is my goal. I attend workshops and continue to better my abilities through education. The digital revolution in photography has change a lot about the medium but much of the fundamentals remain. Lighting, timing, patience and an attention to detail will always be essential.